• Susan

A daffodil among the feathers

On 29 April the final round of our colour print competition took place with substitute judge Rusty Lindsay having another good selection of images to choose from, including rather a lot of flowers! This seemed to be the result of lockdown photography but the creativity and diversity was striking. Three images were awarded a perfect 10, two of them belonging to Tori Andrews, 'Stonechat with Grub' taking the top spot and 'Buzzard on Prey', the third 'Unwrapped' belonging to Rosi Carpenter. There were three further hold backs scoring 9, 'Faded Daffodils' by Jan Bond, 'Starting to Fade' by Jan Bond and 'Meerkat' by Laraine Green. Very well done to Tori and Jan for achieving two hold backs and well done to everyone with held back images.

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