Ice and Snow, Wine and Flowers

Round 3 of our Virtual PDI Competition took place on Thursday 25 March 2021 with David Portwain judging. This is the first time David has judged for us and his critique was positive, enlightening, interesting and helpful. We all took some learning away from the evening. From 56 images David held back a varied selection of 12 before scoring them and giving out four perfect 10's all of which could have taken his 'image of the evening' title.

Image of the evening went to Gill Beckett with 'Iced Lisanthus', a great example of a tricky genre of photography where flowers are frozen in distilled water, then skilfully photographed using a lightbox or natural light before they start thawing! Tori Andrews gave us 'Buzzard in Snow' a stunning wildlife image depicting a buzzard mantling over a dead rabbit or hare in the snow. Jan Bond's 'Clematis' was another stunning image of a clematis stem of muted purples and greens on a soft textured background. Finally Laraine Green brought us something completely different with a still life of a wine bottle and class, very cleverly lit and creating something rather special.

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