Tori wins PDI competition by a whisker (or a feather!)

Our virtual PDI competition for 2020/21 was a closely fought battle over three rounds. Two photographers achieved amazing scores of 58.5 out of 60 with their top six images ~ Tori Andrews and Gill Beckett. All third image scores are added up to create a tie-breaker, which was won by Tori 27 to 24. Huge congratulations to Tori as overall winner and to Gill as runner-up.

Tori's images are shown below.

Buzzard in Snow

Kingfisher with fish

Little Owl

Cuckoo in flight

Running Late


Northern Gannet Pair

Cantley under steam

Gill's images are shown below:

Iced Lisanthus

Ghost Story

Deconstructed faded flower

Cuban car


Frozen gladioli

Chicago Summer

Amethyst deceiver

Frozen geum

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